I was born with this incredible urge to wander. Even as a child I would pack my peanut-butter and jelly sandwich in a baggie and go exploring. I have such wonderful memories of the Wisconsin fields and woodlands. Below is an old photo I took years ago of the field where I would set out... Continue Reading →


The Remote Island of Saipan

I was going thru my photos and I realized that I'd never written the post about our trip to Saipan. We lived on Saipan for over 35 years. How I arrived there is a long story but the short of it is that I was 18years old when I washed up on the shores of... Continue Reading →

Preparing for Obon

Obon お盆 is an annual Buddhist event that commentates one's ancestors. It is believed that the dearly departed come back to earth for a visit during this time. Depending upon the area , Obon is observed at different times during the summer months. In our area Obon falls on August 13,14 and 15. I've seen... Continue Reading →

Wednesday in Nogata

Japan is an interesting place to people watch. I teach English in our old town and I ride the trolley over. Sometimes I really enjoy leaving on the earlier train just so I can spend time sitting at the arrival station to " people watch", drink canned coffee and observe my surroundings. My dad loved... Continue Reading →

Cultivating Mindfulness

There is a typhoon on the way and we expect the weather to start deteriorating but I was able to walk to and from the gentle, restorative yoga class that I teach. It takes me about 20-25 minutes to walk to the community center building and I can either go through town or take the... Continue Reading →

The Roads To Sata-

I was going to go for a little ちょっとそこまで Chotto soko made ( pronounced mahday) - which approximately translates to- a little walk about. However it's 34 degrees Celsius, around 94 degrees Fahrenheit with a wind blowing hot as a hair dryer. Hot enough to make me decide on plan "B"- sit in the back... Continue Reading →

Post a day-

To get myself back into the blogging groove I thought I'd try writing a post a day. Now before you get too excited about that let me just say that I am not sure how this will go but... I'll give it a spin. I'm tired. It's past midnight, I've got a load of wash... Continue Reading →

Welcome ….

This is rather a reset of this blog. I had retired the blog for a while because, and I'll just be honest, there were a lot of internal changes going on. I couldn't keep being the blog personality I had been so I thought it best to retire for a while. Anyway, I'm back and... Continue Reading →


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